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  • A/C Installation
  • Heat and A/C Service
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Service 

Get air conditioning service and from Peterson Heating and Cooling to stay cool and comfortable.

Heating Service

Our heating services and repairs will last through the coldest winter nights.

Furnace Installation

Get the furnace that’s right for your home.

The Owners of Peterson Heating & Cooling

Premier HVAC Services for Kansas City, Missouri

Climate Control for Kansas City

Located as we are on the Missouri River, we know what it’s like to live in a muggy climate. Whether it’s the humidity that sets in during the summer or the piercing cold in the winter, we recognize the value of a climate-controlled environment.

That’s why Peterson Heating and Cooling dedicates its resources to providing our community with only the highest quality brands and services. We know that it takes top-of-the-line products to beat the heat and protect against the cold. We also provide a number of maintenance services to keep your systems working in even the harshest weather.

HVAC Installation

Every house has different needs. Arranging floor plans and furniture placement is one thing, but how do you go about distributing air?

Our HVAC installation services will configure your heating and cooling services to match the circumstances of your home. Trust our qualified technicians as they determine the most efficient products for your budget and space requirements.

Repairs and Maintenance

Even the best system falls short on occasion. To keep your air running when you need it, we offer repair and maintenance services for an affordable cost. Whether you need your hardware replaced or your filters changed, our technicians have a keen eye for fixing HVAC issues.

Duct Modifications

Your pipes distribute water, but how do you get air around the house?

Air ducts provide the flow of warm and cool air throughout your home. Sometimes these could be better optimized to meet your needs, which is why we render duct modification services to homes in need of better airflow.

Coil Cleaning

Many HVAC devices depend on coils to distribute heat and change temperatures. These coils can get slick with dust, grease and other residues, making the systems difficult to operate. Cleaning an HVAC is difficult in part because it’s a complex machine that can break easily.

With our services, you don’t have to go it alone. Our certified technicians are more than happy to pull open your devices with precision and clean your coils and other machinery to perfection.

Make Use of Our Services Today

Since 2004, Peterson Heating and Cooling has prided itself on providing unsurpassed service to Kansas City and surrounding communities. We’re here to keep your air-conditioned and heated at your convenience.

Contact us today to see how we can give your home the climate it deserves.

Best of the Northland 2012
Best of the Northland 2012
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Member of the Parkville Chamber of Commerce