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Air Conditioning Maintenance for Kansas City, Missouri

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Providing Year-Round Service to Kansas City

Peterson Heating and Cooling recognizes our customers’ needs for air conditioning in any season of the year. To that end, we provide Planned Maintenance Agreements for each individual system. Those terms include the expectation that we'll come out twice a year to clean and check your A/C systems.

In the spring, we’ll come to your home to check your air conditioner and make sure it’s ready to keep you cool in the summer. Later in the season, we’ll check your system for strain and damages, making issues with your system easier to diagnose.

Air Conditioning Problems and Issues

Even the most basic air conditioning system is complicated.

It’s a lot like a refrigerator. Liquid coolant known as refrigerant is piped through coils that encounter the warm air in your home. The coolant absorbs the heat, making the air colder, and then that colder air is distributed throughout your home through your ventilation system.

There are a number of things that could go wrong. The coils could break, leaking refrigerant. Air conditioning involves a lot of electrical circuitry, which can overheat and melt. If your system is older, then it’s more prone to wear and tear and will eventually fall apart.

Professional Repairs and Accommodations

If any of these issues occur with your A/C between our two contractual appointments with you, we’ll come out and service your unit immediately. We offer a 10-percent discount on our labor for these special occasions as well as guaranteed service within 24 hours, no matter the hour. There won’t be any after-hours fees for these services.

We care about providing the best service to you and your utilities. Our accommodations are always aimed at your personal satisfaction.

Beat the Heat With Us

Air conditioning requires regular maintenance so that you can avoid bigger problems. When summer gets hotter and the strain on your system grows, you’ll want technicians available to help get it back in order if something shuts down.

Contact us today to find out how we can keep you stay cool all summer long.