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Coil Cleaning Services in Kansas City, Missouri

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Providing Heat Transfer for Every Season

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, there are three main things to take into consideration. You need to replace your air filter, you need to optimize your ducts and you need to clean your transfer coils.

Heat transfer coils don’t get as much popular attention as air filters and ducts because they’re a little less obvious. However, we can’t overstate their importance. Heat transfer coils do most of the work of heating and cooling your living space. They allow your home to convert cool air into warm air or vice versa. When they get dirty, the entire process slows to a crawl.

How Do Coils Get Dirty?

It’s also a medium for carrying particles of dust, dirt and pollen. Heat transfer coils do their work through refrigeration — the evaporation and liquidation of cooling liquid called refrigerant. When this happens, the coils the refrigerant passes through get wet with condensation.

Wet coils are sticky and perfect for collecting particulates. This gets them gunky and inefficient for cooling or heating air. If your air flow slows, it’s probably due to coils that need cleaning.

Call the Professionals

What goes into cleaning your transfer coils? Will a rag and some disinfectant be enough?

Unfortunately, dirty coils are complicated, and cleaning them can be dangerous. They’re nestled in the middle of a network of piping, electricity and other hazards. Accidentally jostling any of those can damage your system, resulting in the need for costly repairs. Beyond the difficulty of accessing them, they’re often caked with hard-to-clean grit and grime.

That’s why we’re always on call to come and assist you with your coil cleaning. Peterson Heating and Cooling has been in the HVAC industry for over 22 years, providing its clientele with elite repairs and maintenance. You can rely on us.

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