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Duct Installation and Modification for Kansas City, Missouri


Accurate Airflow Requires an Expert Touch

Even the smallest house has multiple rooms to heat. Distributing air of the right temperature to those rooms requires more than just luck or pressing a switch. You need a duct system that caters to your particular needs.

Air ducts are the “pipes” for HVAC systems. They consist of rectangular metal passages that weave either through your walls or under your floors. Your heater or air conditioner blows air of the right temperature through your ducts, and it comes out through vents in key locations.

Of course, all of this depends on having the right system. If your ducts are too big or your vents are misplaced, it can make all the difference in heating your home.

Duct Modification and Your Home

It’s not enough to just thread some ducts through your home and call it a day.

You need to consider what your home’s needs are. How big is your house or property? What kind of furnace or A/C system do you have? How much air pressure do you need in order to pump air through your ducts?

If your ducts aren’t optimized, you might be wasting a lot of air, which means more expensive utility bills. You also might not have as warm or cool of a home as you’d like.

Work With the Professionals Today

Here at Peterson Heating and Cooling, we’ve worked since 2004 to provide Kansas City with the duct systems its population needs. You don’t have to settle for the ducts your home came with, especially if they aren’t serving your needs.

We offer the best brands in the industry and have professional certification from Mitsubishi as a Diamond Contractor. We can provide the resources and expertise you deserve for your investment.

Contact Us for More Information

Our owner, Richard Peterson, is particularly skilled at reworking ducts to fit the needs of any home. Consult with us for free estimates and discounts to seniors and veterans. We’ll resolve any air flow issues your home may be having.