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Water Heater Repair, Serving Kansas City, Missouri

Maintain the Heat With Our Repair Services

You’re enjoying a comfortable, warm shower when your water supply starts to sputter out. Before you know it, you’re taking an ice bath because your hot water supply has been depleted.

If this has happened to you, you know how crucial a steady hot water supply is for your personal well-being. It’s important to have a reliable source of hot water on demand, whether it’s to take a shower, clean your dishes or wash your clothes. When all you have is cold water, life, in general, can take a turn for the worse.

That’s why Peterson Heating and Cooling provides unsurpassed repair services for water heaters and boilers. We know you expect the best from the people who maintain your hardware and utilities. We’ve been in this industry for over 22 years. You can expect that elite standard of quality from us.

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Water heaters come in a number of shapes and varieties, but they tend to come in two main types: tank-based and boiler-based.

Tank-based heaters heat and store water until it’s ready to be used. The thing about storing water is that it’s very corrosive to metal. The walls of the tank will rust and corrode over time and will need to be replaced at some point. There’s also an anode rod which helps prevent corrosion, but that will also rust away. If you want to avoid hot water shortages, you’ll need to maintain those.

Boiler-based heaters don’t store the water, which makes them less susceptible to corrosion. On the other hand, they get a lot hotter than tanks do in order to compensate for a lack of stored water. If your cold-water mixing valve is broken, you might scald yourself. Also, if your heating apparatus isn’t strong enough, it will take a very long time to get any hot water at all.

Leave Your Worries With Us

With a good repair company, you won’t have to worry about the downsides of your water heater. We will help you regularly maintain your system and advise you when it may need service or a replacement.

Repairs From Kansas City’s Finest

You want your repairs to come from people who know what they’re doing. We’re certified HVAC contractors through Mitsubishi, and we offer support for a wide number of brands and products. We can serve you where you need us, whatever your situation happens to be.

Consult with us today for free estimates on how to fix your water heater.